Talking Tom Jetski 2

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The best entertainment for your summer vacations surely is riding the aqua bike! Visit tropical islands with Tom and his fellows – Hank, Ginger, Angela and others. Choose one of them as your character, then pick yourself the coolest bike (there are more than 20 of them available), and start! This is going to be a great fun. You will rush through the waves under the bright sun, hear the seagulls screaming, and the bike’s engine roaring! Gather coins when you ride and modify your machine to make it even faster and stronger. The better machine you can arrange, the more chances to win you will have. There is a number of rivals, who will challenge you to overcome them in a racing game, so having the mightiest bike is a must – they will try to do everything to come to the finish line before you do, but you can beat anyone with a cool bike like that!

There are five different locations to check out as well as a number of fantastic chests with prizes and bonuses to gather. You will receive everything you want if you work hard and defeat all the rivals! Getting enough gold and useful items is crucial, because this will allow you to build beach houses for all characters! They would love to live on the seashore, so do your best and good luck!