Talking Tom: Hero Dash

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Try this amazingly addictive and bright endless running title, where Tom and other characters are going to rush for the rescue of their friends. You won’t find this title anyhow unique if endless runners are familiar to you. Like in any other game of that kind, you just have to stay in constant movement which happens automatically and control the character to keep him safe. Also, no endless runner can do without special features and bonuses – they are going to appear here and there and you are going to gather them all. In Hero Dash, you will be gathering gold and this makes the title similar to the other one from the series, which is also an endless runner, where you are gathering gold (Gold Rush). However, something that makes the process unique is the opportunities you get when you have enough bonuses. These are add-ons like suits and treasures. The power-ups are also present here and some of them will help you obtain coins with ease, while the others will protect you from attacks of the enemies and harmful objects.

So the cats are going to wear their superhero suits and get out on the city streets, where the missions and tasks are waiting for them. By the way, not only the city streets are waiting for you, but a great deal of other locations. Sunny beaches, tropical forests, and even Asian villages are also present here. There are creative opportunities here as well and they are connected with locations. This means that when you pass a certain number of levels and gain enough bonus scores, you will get an access to the creation mode, where you can improve and change the locations. According to the game plot, the raccoons did a lot of harm to cities and recreational points like seashores and woods. Well, no wonder – they are raccoons after all. So you, as a superhero, is now expected to fix everything and bring things to order.

Not only you will get an access to other gameplay options when receiving coins and bonuses, but also there are many cool features to unlock. With the help of coins, you will be able to buy yourself some clothes and dress your character any way you like. There are various elements of the outfits that will become available for you in the game store. The masks, tops, capes, and other things of different colors and styles will become yours, so you can arrange and combine them to make a pretty unique suit. Also, with new levels mastered, you will be able to play for other characters, including Angela.