Talking Tom Gold Run

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Someone has stolen a great mass of gold from Tom! What should you do? The robber must be caught, so you and Tom are going into an endless chase to get him. Run faster and make this little villain give you back your precious treasures! While the previous parts of games about Tom were calming and quiet, this one will amaze you with energy and adrenaline. You will have to run, bounce, slide, and accumulate bonus scores on your way. This is extremely thrilling, because the speeds are so high that this will make your head dizzy. The robber is very cunning – he is going to locate obstacles on your way. For instance, there is a large car he pits on the road to prevent you from catching him. But that’s nothing if you are Tom, a cat with great skills. Cats are good parkour, did you know that? What is more, not only the enemy will block your way, but also he has some friends, who will appear and try to fight you. Luckily, you have some small bombs and sharp claws, so you can deal with any robber easily.

This endless runner will surely bring you a lot of joy. The entire process is very intuitive – Tom will run by himself all the way to the finish, and what you have to do is to make sure that he does everything in the best and safe way. This means that you will have to predict where the obstacles will appear and move the character across the screen to let him run further and stay unharmed. The game will gladden you with a number of different levels that will take you to different worlds. You will discover different locations that will make every new stage feel unlike all the previous. The diversity of the locations make your experience significantly more interesting, since the gameplay itself won’t change too much. Well, it shouldn’t – this is an endless runner and all you have to do is to run endlessly! Everything is very easy here and even if you have never played such games before (which is almost impossible), you will grasp the principles and learn the controls at once. It is time to run fast as a lightning and get the robbers! Do it and get your gold back. The plot doesn’t end when you finally get all the treasures back. In fact, the new part of the game begins when you do and this one is no less amazing than the previous. The gold can be used by Tom and his friends to build a large mansion, where they can live happily and play different games all together. This is going to be a real cat universe! What are you waiting for? Start the game right now and let the justice come back!