Talking Tom Gold Run 2

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Are you ready to become a real hero and rescuer? Then jump in an endless running game about Talking Tom! This is an exciting and well-designed entertainment that will surely come to your liking if you adore the universe of talking cats. In most aspects, this title is not different from any other endless runner – you run, get the items, and kill bosses when the levels end. There are additional characters, abilities and outfits to unblock, so do your best to gather all the coins you can see on your way. The trick is to get more than you have managed to gather before and this will surely bring you success and let you make the most of the playing process. The plot behind the game is very simple – the raccoons doing their bad things again and now they have decided to ruin everything they can reach. And, to say the truth, they are pretty successful in their aspirations – the cities, beaches, and forests gradually turn into pretty unpleasant places. However, they did even more harm and now it is more personal – Angela has been kidnapped and trapped in a cage! Can Tom forgive anything like that? Of course, he cannot. So the time has come for an endless chase.

Start the game and control character directing him to different sides. Make him run after the coins and avoid obstacles. When the raccoons will come to your way, they will attack you but don’t worry – your super abilities are enough to deal with them. So just continue running, gathering gold, upgrading and customizing your character, and unlocking more and more incredible features and characters. Despite the fact that the gameplay is repetitive, a wide range of additional features makes it interesting till the end and keeps you tuned. So good luck and happy running!