Talking Tom: Bubble Shooter

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Guess, we have found your most favorite game from the series about Talking Tom and this one is called Bubble Shooter! You can invite a pack of your buddies or play this amazing entertainment on your own – both options are equally enjoyable. There are so many adventures and opportunities here that your head will spin around. This is a great thrilling adventure, where you will have to be very fast, precise and attentive. You won’t get bored for sure – prepare your hands and fingers for a very fast movement! Cool heroes and mighty bosses are waiting for you! And this is only the beginning!

Using a cannon and bubbles, you will have to defeat various enemies such as monsters and other creatures. If you choose to play against your friends, then you will have to compete and find out, who is the most skillful shooter here. You will gain scores and level your character up on your way to success. Challenge your buddies to play with you and see, who can pop the bubbles better than anyone else! When you start, you need to choose your favorite character and then pop those bubbles all day long. You have bombs, lasers, and lightning to crush them all, so come on! The better you perform, the more scores you gain and therefore – the more weapons and abilities you obtain.