Talking Tom and Friends

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Save the city from the raccoons, who are turning into a trash can! What is more, these creatures have kidnapped the love of your life – pretty Angela! You need to put on your superhero suit and start the rescue mission right now. So, welcome to the Hero Dash title from the famous Talking Tom franchise. This one is an endless runner, which is pretty similar to another game from the same series known as Gold Rush. Again, you will have to run, run and run across different places, run all the time and your super heroic job. The job is pretty straightforward – you have friends to rescue, enemies to defeat and cool items to gather. Let’s get into more details.

When you launch the game, you are offered a set of characters to choose from. There are different well-known cats and you are going to play for one of them. Each cat has his or her superpowers, which are not the same as all the others have. These superpowers will be extremely helpful, since they are the key to successful game completion. You are going to use them to fight the enemies and namely – the raccoons and the bosses. The raccoons are here again and they are continuing their evil tricks. First, they ruin the city with their dirty paws and your mission is not only to catch all of these small villains, but also to save the city and rebuild it after their deeds. Second, they dared to imprison your friends and you cannot leave the things as they are, so you start your journey to bring the order to this place. Get the raccoons caught and this will bring you bonuses – amazing unblocking opportunities that will provide you with a number of cool clothes, new levels, and additional powers. These additional powers will help you gather more gold (2x item and a magnet), destroy the obstacles and more.