My Talking Tom 3

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Welcome to the universe of Tom and his friends! In this title, you are going to take part in a really thrilling adventure – the kitties are superheroes on a mission and your aim is to assist them reach the aim. They will run fast across the streets and other landscapes, while you have to control their moving. First, make sure that you help your friends avoid the obstacles – numerous of the will appear on the road. Second, the gangs of raccoons will try to chase you and harm you, so you will have to fight with them and catch them. Don’t miss a single raccoon – the more you capture, the more chances you have to obtain a super-prize. This super prize is a magical chest, where cool items are hidden. Third, you have to keep an eye on the golden coins that can be gathered during your race. The coins are also very useful, since they will help you improve your character and change the way he or she looks by buying a new superhero outfit. So there are two central activities you will take part in playing this part of Tom’s adventures – gathering and avoiding obstacles. When you gather enough bonuses, you will have an access not only to new outfits, but also to the blocked characters, locations and even a creative mode, where you can change the way the map looks.