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When the smartphones appeared on the market, the application stores and resources became full of funny apps and games featuring human-like animals. At that time, the games about Talking Tom, a cat who copied your speech first and then became a pretty self-sustained character, were a real hit. Surprisingly, even though this happened years ago, the stories about Tom has developed dramatically and still conquer the hearts of smart-phone owners of all ages. Previous apps were small and plain, but this time we have something really great to present. This is a real action about superheroes, where Tom and his friends have serious missions to complete. The title uses a genre of endless runner and mimics some previous similar titles of the franchise, the ones where you had to run and gather candies or gold. Only this time, you will gather gold and have a great number of character customization opportunities. In general, there are not so many original ideas in this game and as a whole it feels like any other endless runner. Still, the process is simple and very relaxing, while the characters are as cute as they have always been.

So like every cat, Tom surely likes to sit at home, having a good nap on a soft sofa, eating tasty food, and playing with some stuff from time to time. However, one day he realized his real self and became a superhero. He changed his attitude because the raccoons, the enemies of the humanity, became too evil and nasty. They started messing around the cities and villages, spoiling beautiful nature and streets. And what is even more horrible – they dared to kidnap his best friend Hank and a beloved girl Angela! Now he and other fellows are going to change the situation and punish the raccoons. Saving the world with Tom is something you didn’t do before. To stop the evil expanded by a band of raccoons, you and Tom will accomplish the mission and break down the entire organization. They will appear right in front of you on the road, so you will have to catch them all the clear the territory of the evil little ones. If you manage to destroy them all, then you will receive numerous cool benefits such as outfits and superpowers. The missions will be complete if you manage to defeat those troublemakers. While the new items and powers will help you pass the next stages easier.