Talking Tom Hero Dash New Update

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Did you know that your most favorite mobile cats who can talk are also superheroes? Yes, the real heroes in masks and suits! They have amazing abilities and are ready to demonstrate them to you. Start playing this endless runner title to see your old friends in a new image and you will adore them even more. Choose one of the cats before it begins and get ready for a crazy rush! So, the process is pretty simple – your hero is going to move his paws and run on his own. However, you don’t need to press any buttons to keep him running – he cannot stop anyway in new update! Your participation is going to be limited to controlling his moves, directing him to different parts of the screen, where coins are located. And what is no less important – taking him away from the obstacles that will appear one after another all the time. From time to time, you will meet the main enemies of Tom and his gang – the raccoons. But don’t worry, they are easy to defeat! You can also catch them and gather a whole collection that can be exchanged to the prizes later.

While raccoons are not very hard to defeat, each level will face you with someone really serious. These are the bosses and they are really tough. However, be brave and strong – you need to overcome each and every central enemy to set your friends free. The simple plot of the title is about the rescue mission – Tom and others are trying to save Angela and Hank from the enemies’ claws. Each level of the title is thematically-arranged and so are the bosses. You will find yourself running and fighting on the streets of large cities, small villages, forests, and even beaches. When you catch enough raccoons and obtain a certain number of scores, you will have an opportunity to create or edit the way the levels look. You need to do that because the raccoons brought mess everywhere – they are nasty and dirty, so they destroy and pollute everything they touch. First, you take them away from these beautiful places and second – you bring everything in order. Well, you are superhero, after all. That is your job, right?