Hero Dash Hack

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If you believe that endless runner titles are boring just because you have to repeat the same actions again and again, simply running forward and trying to gather scores while staying unharmed, then we are ready to present something new to you. While this endless runner about Talking Tom does include all of the classical features we have listed above, there are some unique elements that make it stand out of a crowd. Let’s discuss some of them! The first thing that will surely please you in this title is the way it has been drawn and arranged – everything looks pretty and adorable, from characters and their suits, to the environment, which is pretty diverse. The levels are different and they will out you on the roads of different locations, including literally everything from natural environment to urbanistic places and even Chinese small towns. Also, the title is full of various extras and additional features that are unlockable. You will get an access to them while you gradually proceed with running, fighting and gathering. Unlock characters when you release them from the traps of the enemies, get some new suits when you gather enough coins to buy them, and enjoy additional super powers that will help you get more money and stay unharmed in unblocked version. This is how it goes, but that’s not all! Every level has a lot of enemies to destroy – mainly, they are raccoons and their bosses that appear at the end. While both have to be defeated, you should also fix the bad deeds they have already done. As you know, these animals live in the dust holes and guess what – they decided to turn the entire world into a large dust hole as well! There are some ruined and spoiled places right now and as a superhero, you will have to take care of them. The title has an option of building, so you will take your time to improve the locations you are going to visit.

The further you move, the more friends you set free. When you do, they become playable as well! Angela and other cats have super abilities and they are different from Tom’s. For example, she can run as fast as a lightning, which is a very cool skill for some stages you are going to pass. While Tom’s special power is an ability to fly, which is not bad as well. Not only you will gain more playable characters, but also suits for them, so the diversity is right here, even if the gameplay is not so variable. Among all the endless runners, this might be considered as the most ambitious one.