Hero Dash Ginger

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Kids have been enjoying Talking Tom’s company for years – he appeared on the screen and made them laugh. First, he was some kind of a digital pet, who encourages touching and talking. Then cuddly guy became a hero of mini games. And now the franchise has developed really seriously and Talking Tom as well as a pack of his loyal friends, has become a real superhero. The bad raccoons are in the city again – they have stolen Tom’s girl Angela and put her in a cage. She is sitting there all alone and waits for you and Tom to get her out! What is even worse, the evil plans of the raccoons go far beyond personal insult they have made to you when kidnapping Angela. Their nasty ambitions spread around the entire city and even further with Ginger! The raccoons are literally destroying everything on their way – the buildings, the trees in parks and forests, beautiful beaches, and more! Now these places look like dumps and you know why? Because dumps are native homes for raccoons. However, they are not homes for tidy and nice kitties like Tom! This is why he starts his journey with saving Angela and other heroes and then he needs to catch the raccoons, put them in jail, and reconstruct the ruins they have done.

This title is incredibly entertaining, but feels absolutely different from the classical titles about Tom. He is not a talkative and communicational fluff anymore – but a noble, serious, and brave puss in the super heroic coat and mask. Chances are, that his previous calm life of a talkative pet inspired him to change something and become a real cool guy, who cares about the justice in the world. During the process, you will find yourself running across different locations, gathering gold, buying new suits, improving your skills, and fighting enemies, of course. While the small raccoons will chase your all the time, the big bosses will appear regularly once you are done with a level. Good luck with your mission and start running right now!