Hero Dash Angela

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The adventures of Tom and his friends become really thrilling. If you remember him as a relatively useless character of the childish app that simply mimics your voice in a stupid way, then get ready to meet him in the brand new light. Now Tom is no longer a tamagochi, but a real superhero. The developers of Talking Tom franchise decided to expand the idea about the group of funny cats, who used to live inside their cozy houses and do some relaxing stuff. Now everything is not as it was before. No more soft sofas and brushes for cat fur – the time has come for a real adventure. Tom, Angela and other characters of this universe become superheroes and they have a number of missions and tasks to complete. The rush of raccoons is terrorizing the city. But it seems like these guys go far beyond one location! They are spreading their nastiness across the entire world and their main aim is to spoil everything good and destroy as many locations as they can until the whole world comes down. However, they have also kidnapped some of your friends, who are superheroes as well. The plan must be simple – the less super cats are there in the city, the more chances the raccoons have to ruin it! However, one super cat is enough to beat them down and you are going to show that!

So first mission to accomplish is saving your friends and of course – your Angela. When you complete the levels, you meet bosses at the end and once the bosses are defeated, your friends obtain freedom. Released characters become playable, so you can change your actor if you want to. You’d better try playing for different heroes, because they have various skills. This diversity will come in handy at different levels you are going to pass. For example, Angela’s skill (high speed) will be especially valuable at the levels where the enemies are chasing you or you need to skip some locations fast to get to the main point. Releasing your friends, you will be gathering coins on your way and getting away from the obstacles (there will be a plenty of them on the road). The coins are very important here, no less important than the avoided obstacles. The reason is simple – coins are money and money can be used to buy stuff! Gladly, the game has a large superhero wardrobe to present. Here you will find various suits and accessories for the coolest cats-heroes and you will be able to buy them when enough gold is in your pocket.