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One of the most popular app projects in the world is Talking Tom. From the earliest days of this creation to this time, the world has seen a large number of title about funny and cute cat called Tom. With time, his friends and even a beloved lady joined the team. Children and adults from all over the globe became real fans of the series. Everything started with simple games, where you have to perform various small actions and laugh when Tom copies your voice in very funny way. Now the developers of the app decided to go far beyond these mini-apps. They are ready to present a full and very ambitious action title – an endless runner, which can boast of having a lot of interesting features to check out. The well-known characters are not just funny kittens now. They can do much more than just sleeping the whole day on the sofa and talking you to in their funny manner. Now they are real superheroes in coats and masks and there are really tough challenges for them to encounter.

While all the elements of the gameplay are dictated by the genre, they are incredibly nice and well-done. As such, the graphics are detailed and high-quality, the amount of customization options is pretty large, and the overall feeling of the game is pretty heroic – just the way it should be when you are playing for super-cats. The developers did their best to make the primitive sort of the game like endless runner feel amazing due to the super heroic style that is all about strength, unusual abilities, aspirations for justice, etc. So even having a small game like that, you can outlive a couple of days of a hero and this is a good chance to bring a fresh air to the well-known characters set and tamagochi-inspired gameplay. You have a number of different missions here, so the title is not just about running and getting scores. First of all, there is a simple, but still a plot behind the process. The raccoons are fooling around heavily – they destroy cities and towns, being as bad as possible. Your first task – catch and punish them. The pleasant bonuses are waiting for you when you do – magical chests with treasures and additional bonuses will appear. Next, you have to reconstruct the cities and other locations that were harmed by the bad guys. And finally – you need to rescue precious Angela from the enemies, who captured her. What is even greater, you will have a chance to play for different characters when you save them from the bosses you defeat. They are all different, which makes a relatively boring endless runner gameplay diverse and interesting.